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School Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-6:00pm Ph:248-969-1362
The following forms are required for admission:​

In addition to the required forms below: 
Copy Of Immunization Records 
​Copy Of Parent’s Drivers License Or State Id​

Required Forms:
Pre-Enrollment Information Form
Health Appraisal Form
Child In Care Statement
Child Information Record (print full page, double sided) 
Food Substitution Form (Doctor must sign. For children with special diet)
Immunization Waiver (Required for children without immunizations)
Parent Handbook (Last page must be signed)
Parent Contract(Filled out & signed all pages must be returned)
Developmental Goals
Nature Walk Permission Form
Parent Name/Number Release Advertising Release Form
First Aide Treatment Form
Child Illness & Medication Form
Photo Album


Medication Form
Sunscreen Form
Toothpaste Medication Form (For child age 3 and up)
Sample Lunch Menu
​ Enrollment Forms