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School Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-6:00pm Ph:248-969-1362

We offer full and part time programs for children aged 18 months to 5 years.​ We believe that every child is unique and special. Our program also recognizes that each child has individual needs and has the right to grow and develop at his or her own rate. ​We strive to meet these needs of each individual child. Whenever possible, we will try to individualize the childcare program to meet the needs of each child or family. ​Multi-aged programs offer both cognitive and social growth. In this program, your child will begin to learn and understand the basic concepts that will help your child develop through his or her life. In this type of program, children can learn and develop from each other.​ We encourage the children to develop independence by allowing them to do things for themselves. By developing self-helping and self-coping skills, the children will develop skills needed throughout life.​ The children will also gain awareness of other people’s feelings and begin to understand how their actions affect others. The children will also learn to respect other people’s possessions and work. Children will be encouraged to resolve their own conflicts with each other by talking through their feelings and finding their own solutions.