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School Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-6:00pm Ph:248-969-1362
What parents are saying....
"Every day my child came home with awareness of a new subject, learned the months, days, and had fun socially with friends in both free and structured play” ​J. Allmark, Parent.​

“Little Kelli’s Playhouse is a very structured loving environment where children grow in all aspects of their development”​ J. Fitzpatrick, Parent​

“Thank you so much for providing such a safe and enriching environment. We are so very grateful to have found you…it put our hearts at ease knowing our child was in such wonderful care”​ K. Rice, Teacher & Parent​

“Miss Kelli understands the unique differences of each child. She is very warm, caring, and nurturing teacher. She sets expectations and provides a safe environment so each child can learn and grow in all area of their development. Kelli has a strong understanding of early childhood education and plans developmentally appropriate programming for all children”​ L .Mcnutt, Former Teacher​

“Miss Kelli and her staff provide a high level of individualized attention, in an inviting atmosphere. I would highly recommend Little Kelli's Playhouse to any parents who are looking to find their child’s home away from home” ​T. Bukoski, Parent​

​"My Child was enrolled somewhere else, and now he runs off to play whenever I drop him off. He’s so happy here, and now I don’t have to feel bad in the mornings leaving him to go to work.....I’m telling everyone about Little Kelli's Playhouse..... We are so happy here” ​T.Mayette, Parent